The Appetizer

381 Palatine Road
M22 4FY
0161 9460711

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Cuisine types: Fast Food

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Reviews for The Appetizer (2)

Great series Nolan! I think you're dead right the ittrgeanion of social media will play a huge part in email marketing moving forward. Marketers that fail to adapt will most likely get left behind in the dust the benefits are just too huge!

Herlina - 02 June 2012

We have ordered from The Appetizer for year and year until now.
Ordered on many occasions and they have failed to deliver a consistent service. Failed drink orders on many occasions and made a £17 order on just eat and no free items as promised arrived. Absolutely disgusting!
Food will take 1-2 hour to arrive with no sorry or compensation (money off ). Please if you’re hungry order somewhere else.
Appetizer you know exactly who we are and i will not remove the review until you apologise. The delivery drivers are a credit to your business hence the only Star.

Mo - 21 February 2012